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Trail Running at Night

With limited day light at this time of year getting time to fit in your trail runs is difficult, but why do we need to run only in daylight?

Get yourself a good headtorch, find a friend as daft as you and head off into the night to get your fix.

Some top tips

Run with friends - even with a good head torch lighting your way it can still get spooky at night so go with friends, besides its safety in numbers.

Stick to one of your usual routes - Think of your routes and choose one that you think will be straight forward and with good underfoot conditions, with only the light from your head torch lighting the way it can be difficult to spot navigational features so to start with just run one of your usual trail routes that you know really well, this will take some of the stress.

Be safe, be seen -as well as your head torch you want to be wearing reflective trim and a flashing red rear light. This will make you more visible to motorists on any road sections, mountain bikers on a night ride! and your mates to keep track of where you are.

Us the conditions - ideally you'd choose a clear night with a full moon for maximum night time visibility but that's not always possible. If you do end up running in mist or cloud you may find the head torch beam is reflected back and loses its effectiveness, should this happen hold the head torch down at knee height and shine the beam under the cloud, you'll be amazed how much visibility improves.

Tell someone where you're heading and how long your likely to be. Common sense, but how many of us religiously do this? At night it's even more important as there are fewer people about should you require assistance.

Remember to have fun - its why we do it after all.

I hope you enjoyed this post, so grab your head torch and a daft mate and head off for a run at night time.

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